PT. Yolita Jaya Indonesia is a manufacturing company that produces raincoats and inflatable toys.


Founded in 1969, PT. Yolita Jaya Indonesia started as a home industry in carton and plastic printing in Bandung. In 1973, it started to produce school bags, shopping bags and other types plastic packaging.


Since 1981, the company started producing inflatable toys and rainwear.


In 1982, the company expands its local sales office at several major cities in Indonesia.


Since 1988, PT. Yolita Jaya Indonesia starts expanding its market internationally, the company starts exporting to Europe, Japan, Australia and USA.


ith more than 48 years of experience, PT. Yolita Jaya Indonesia continues to produce products that are of good quality, safe and comfortable to be used. 


PT. Yolita Jaya Indonesia moves forwards “to be market leader in rainwear products and swimwear products in Indonesia”

To support that vision, we are committed:
1. To give satisfaction to Customer, Supplier, Employees and Stake Holder
2. To create and innovate quality products that are safe and comfortable to be used
3. To develop human resources that prepares for global market

PT Yolita Jaya Indonesia has been implementing Quality Management System, ISO 9001:2015.


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